Roguelite colony simulation game Jumplight Odyssey announced for PS5, Xbox Series and PC | Biden News

Roguelite colony simulation game Jumplight Odyssey announced for PS5, Xbox Series and PC

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Armello and Solium Infernum developer League of Geeks announced Jumplight Odyssey, a roguelike colony simulation game inspired by genre staples and classic 70s sci-fi anime for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. It will launch first in Early Access for PC via Steam in 2023 with support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) language support.

Jumplight Odyssey marries the aesthetics of iconic sci-fi anime with colony management sims and roguelike sensibilities to create a charming and challenging experience,” said co-founder and director Trent Kusters. “Whether you’re interested in space opera melodrama between crew members, careful resource management, colony building systems, or ‘just one further action, Jumplight Odyssey has something for everyone, and we’re excited to be recruiting captains for our Early Access launch in 2023!”

Here’s an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


From time immemorial, whenever our explorers were lost, they looked to The Eternal Star to find their way home…

Lead your crew on a daring, star-studded escape to the sanctuary of the Eternal Star in this roguelike starship colony sim.

Escape the clutches of Admiral Voltan and the warlike Zutopians as you build, repair, advance, defend and grow across multiple decks of your starship. With your home planet destroyed and your people lost, it’s up to you to keep Hope alive in a dangerous adventure across the galaxy!

Also… There’s a pig. You can pet the pig. That’s all you really need to know.

Key Features

  • The Starship Stacked with Stories
    • As a captain, you are responsible for taking care of the human needs of everyone on your ship. Everything from society, sleep, food, to water and air. Wi-Fi not included in this hierarchy of needs.
    • A delightful and charming starship dollhouse experience, filled with living crew going about their lives; eat, sleep, work and survive. Your crew interact with each other as brothers, sisters, lovers, friends and rivals. Hopefully a little less of the latter, but we’re not making any promises.
    • Moods and ideas are contagious. In this soaring melodrama, emergent relationships and events have a direct impact on the crew. Keep your crew’s Hope high, or suffer the consequences!
  • Get comfortable in Chaos, captain!
    • Explore different star systems with different biomes that have varying effects on your ship and crew.
    • Manage emergency systems: fire, electric shocks, radiation, loss of oxygen. Nothing runs smoothly forever.
    • Promote everyday crew members to divisional officers, and then negotiate their various management quirks as they take care of a tight ship or burn it to the ground.
    • Fight against enemy boarding groups and access your starfighters to defend against intergalactic invaders!
  • If at first you don’t succeed…
    • Your journey is treacherous. Take lessons from each previous voyage, and reorganize your ship for new circumstances. Then try, try again.
    • Keep exploring the galaxy. Relive your daring escape and discover new encounters, events, characters and challenges each time.
  • build up repair Optimize. to win
    • Scratch your shipbuilding itch: lay out optimal corridors, build efficient management processes and decorate the spaces to your specifications.
    • Effectively manage your resource production. From your water supply, to the ship’s gardens and farming spaces. You will need to optimize your systems to keep your ship and crew alive as long as possible.
    • Inventory management in space: keep the hangar deck organized and warp core humming. Can your crew stock refrigerators and shelves in zero gravity? Actually we’re not sure if they can either. good luck
  • A Galactic Love Letter to Nostalgia
    • Inspired by an epic 1970s star-studded anime adventure—like Star Blazers and more. Add some slick 70s Tokyo late night disco to keep the mood going? You got it.
    • Experience a dynamic toy-like sandbox inspired by the Incredible Cross Sections and What Do People Do All Day? a series of books.

Watch the announcement trailer below. Check out the first screenshots at the gallery

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