Playable | ‘Ova Magica’ Now Coming To PC And Consoles In Late 2023, Shows Gameplay | Biden News

Playable |  ‘Ova Magica’ Now Coming To PC And Consoles In Late 2023, Shows Gameplay

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Experience a colorful farm game inspired by the classics, such as Rune Factory, Harvest Moonand Azure Dreams,

After moving to the sleepy town of Clover, the player (who can choose be a boy or a girl) is tasked with revitalizing an overgrown plot of land into the farm of their dreams – and looking after beautifulmysterious creatures known as “blobs“. These spots everyone has special skills which help with everything from farming to protecting you on expeditions for rare crafting materials! Just like the spots, Clover Town is home too much curious individuals from all walks of life with their own unique routines and interests.

Train cute blob animals, take care of your farm and make friends with the people of Clover Town.

This new trailer demonstrates both never-before-seen gameplay and features in the game.

About Ovo Magica, Those Magical Eggs

Ova Magica is an ode to some of your favorite games, from Stardew Valley and Slime Rancher, to timeless classics like Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Pokémon, Grandia, Jade Cocoon and Azure Dreams.

In Ova Magica, you have to manage a farm on the outskirts of a quaint little village called Clover Town. Filled with colorful manga-styled NPCs, you have to engage with them through conversations, gifts and, of course, blob battles. As your relationship with the locals (some of whom you may choose to settle down with!) and town grows, the secrets of Clover Town begin to unlock before you. And by secrets, we mean hidden temples, dungeons and portals to exotic dimensions! These new worlds contain strange items and priceless artifacts that hold the key to the city’s – and your – future.

say what Blob Battles?

Yes, you read that right. Blob battles! Blobs live in the wild. You must undertake dangerous adventures into lost temples and ancient dungeons in search of Blob eggs.

Blobs share a connection to their environments, so it stands to reason that you might find fire-themed Blobs in desert dungeons, while those deep in the jungle will be populated by appropriately jungly Blobs. Their native habitats differ thanks to the miracle of procedural generation, in the spirit of the classic PS1 RPG Azure Dreams.

After hatching, you raise and train your speck to become a reliable sidekick and companion. Battles are a lot of fun and very challenging, but your Blob can do a lot more than fight. Each possesses special abilities that you can use to farm your farm. For example, using explosives to clear rock piles or water features that help aquatic plants using their… well… you know.

Unlike Pokemon, blobs can become stronger and inherit each other’s abilities and traits by crossbreeding with any other blob species! Once the eggs hatch, put some bunnies together in one of the dedicated love traps, give them some space, and wallah!, their blobby love blossoms into new crossbred species.

Let’s Talk About Shamrock City

The picturesque countryside around Clover Town offers plenty to do. Cut down trees, chase butterflies with a net, grow/harvest crops and more. Then sell your goods at the city farmer’s market to earn the funds you need to build your home or expand the city. However, Ova Magica is as much about adventure as it is about city building! As you work on your farm, you’ll also find special ingredients that unlock portals to the dungeons and temples of the world.

There is much to explore in these dungeons and wild lands. Find rival blob trainers and bosses ready to challenge you and your blobs in the Active Time Battle system. Be prepared! Or, just sit back and enjoy a cup of tea with other adventurers also traversing these strange new worlds. With the treasures you bring back, you can build advanced farming tools and special facilities for the town.

Town expansion is important because it unlocks additional activities, new quest lines, and attracts other NPCs to populate your own Clover Town. Just outside Clover Town, you’ll find even more activities and secrets – from fishing ponds where you can hang out on a day off, and misplaced blueprints for advanced machines like juicers, creamers and ovens. Don’t forget to get the latest news from the blob trainer community at the local Blob League HQ.

We have a lot more to share, so be sure to stay tuned for all the latest news from Blob League HQ!

Main Features:

  • Blob Breeding & Training: Ova Magica adds a twist to the farm sim genre by combining it with a cozy creature raising sim! These cute blob creatures come in over 80 varieties, and can be crossbred together to create an almost endless combination of new blobs. Love them well, and pay attention to their favorite foods and habits to make sure they grow strong.
  • Farming: Build, run and expand the farm of your dreams. Farming is normally hard work but it doesn’t have to be in Ova Magica; treat your spots well, and with their help you can grow everything from normal crops, to heart fruits and mushrooms from other dimensions!
  • City Building & Progress: You can lend a hand to the Clover community by sharing in the success of your farm! Helping others is important, and you can show up to help build new buildings, participate in community initiatives, and unlock new things to do around town.
  • Romance: Over a dozen unique NPCs with their own special routines, personalities, interests and plots inhabit Clover Town. The player can choose to play as either a guy or a girl, and is free to treat any character, including same-sex relationships equally. From the sensitive line cook who dreams of opening her own restaurant, to the tough punk builder looking to make her architectural masterpiece – who will you meet in Clover Town?
  • Blob Fighting: With your group of strongest blobs, participate in an Active Time Battle battle with either other blob trainers, or the strongest inhabitants of the Blob Worlds you will explore during the game. Learn new skills, grow your blobs, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each type of blob, and prove yourself as the strongest blob trainer you can be.
  • Craftsmanship: The blobs of Ova Magica add a unique twist to the creation; work with their special abilities to find new materials from global worlds, dug from ore piles or grown on your farm! Combine an increasingly powerful and diverse range of tools and farm equipment to grow and do new things. In addition, create furniture to decorate your apartment, or clothes to decorate your player!
  • Activities: Variety is the spice of life, and when not farming there is much more to do. Spend your free time with a huge variety of activities, such as mining, bug catching, fishing mini-game, and helping the locals prepare for the seasonal festivals.

Egg Magic coming to PC/Mac/Linux (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S in late 2023.

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