New “Green Walls” DLC Available on PC for “Chernobyl” | Biden News

New “Green Walls” DLC Available on PC for “Chernobyl”

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If all this speaks of the fresh Silent Hill ads you’re itching to get into a new Survival Horror game, you might want to give Aaron Gilbert’s program a go. Psychosis: Teaser look Inspired by Silent Hill and Condemned: Criminal Originsthe demo is now available via

Described as invoking “the nostalgic spirit of horror games”, Psychosis: Teaser is a retro-style first-person horror experience that sees you bored doing overtime at work at your small office in the rural Pacific Northwest. That quickly changes when you get a mysterious phone call that urges you to “come quick, they’re all gone.”

Annoyed, you get into your car, and suddenly you’re standing in the dimly lit foyer of someone’s home. The place is empty, like everyone just got up and left. There’s a terrible stench in the air but you can’t make out what it is. All you can hear is the sound of the wind and tree branches crashing against the side of the house, and a faint ticking noise.

Suddenly you feel an icy cold presence pass through your body as your vision fades and your body washes with fear. You are paralyzed lying on the smelly, wet ground; through half-opened eyes you see a tall figure holding a hard blade standing over you. The creature opens its mouth as if to speak and all that comes out is the blood curdling scream of metal on metal.

“I grew up playing PlayStation games in all their wobbly goodness – the Spyro trilogy and Crash Team Racing were my absolute favorites,” explains Aaron. “With Psychosis, I wanted to take that PS1 vibe and kick it up a notch with modern lighting and post-processing to get a truly unique horror experience, a hybrid of old and new, made possible with Unreal Engine. Outside of games, the beautiful, sober forests of my home state of Washington have also been a constant influence.”

The hour-long demo represents an abbreviated chapter of what Psychosis will be when it finally gets released to Steam. There’s a “name your own price” point, but if you pay $5 or more, you’ll get a Steam key for the full game when it’s released. Paying $9 or more also gets you the original music for the teaser of Richard Saverywhich you can preview here.


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