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Modern Warfare 2 PC performance hampered by latest Nvidia drivers

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While Modern Warfare 2 received a lot of love from the fanbase, the PC port seems to be a bit problematic. After reports of crashing and forced re-downloads on Steam, the latest Nvidia drivers don’t seem to help. Taking to Twitter, the official Beenox account stated that Nvidia drivers 526.47 are the problem. The drivers were released a few days ago to bring support for Sackboy and DLSS 3 for F1 22. Unfortunately, Modern Warfare 2 is seeing increased instability due to the update. The developers are now encouraging fans to revert to the 516.59, or 522.25 drivers for now. In addition to the driver rollback, it appears that plugin configuration is also to blame. This is all known so far.

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Modern Warfare 2 players have been advised to flash the latest Nvidia drivers for better stability

As confirmed by PC Gamer, Nvidia has acknowledged that there is a problem with their latest drivers and is working on a fix. According to Reddit user u/SuperNobbs, the issue keeps popping up periodically as well:

“The only thing all these crashes have in common is that the game asks me to check the integrity of the game files before telling me EVERY SINGLE TIME that 33 files were invalid. So I reinstall them and run the game, it acts as if i’ve never played it before (making me go through the T’s and C’s again). i’ll start playing again and all is good. but randomly it will do it again. and i’ve tried everything i can think of to fix it but nothing seems to completely eliminate the problem.”

Additionally, plugin configuration could be contributing to the problem. As a precautionary measure, the developers disabled the feature and released a statement:

So far, no timeline for a solution has been shared. Users will have to wait for a driver/game update to fix the issues currently plaguing Modern Warfare 2.


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