Chloë Grace Moretz turns computer gamer, asks for constructive help on Twitter | Biden News


There’s no guaranteed lure to hook a PC gamer like someone on social media asking for PC build advice—especially if that someone is a celebrity with 2.8 million followers, like actor Chloë Grace Moretz. The star of Kick-Ass and new sci-fi series The Peripheral recently tweeted about her gaming habits, saying she’s “obsessed” with the Modern Warfare 2 beta. back in September and that she seriously wanted to enter sim racing. Now it seems she is at the tipping point of becoming a full PC gamer.

Early Wednesday, Moretz tweeted the bait, asking “all my gaming friends out there—for a PC setup, where do I start, how deep do I need to get into the intricacies of it?” Three hours and about 750 responses later, she’s already received the usual spread of responses: influencers and other fans recommending boutique PC builders, others recommending build-it-yourself, and brands eagerly pitching their own platforms. (I have to give special thanks to reader Chris Thornett, who recommended PC Gamer’s own Alan Dexter as a veteran hardware expert).


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