Noongar teenager Cassius Turvey was beaten to death. Here’s what you should know. | Biden News

Noongar teenager Cassius Turvey was beaten to death.  Here’s what you should know.

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Who is Cassius Turvey?

Cassius Turvey was a 15-year-old ninth-grader from Perth. His friends and family described him as “lively, caring, a jokester with a beautiful smile,” and his mother, Nungar Yamatji woman Mechel Turvi, said ABC Radio Perth that Cassius “loved all the young men around him. He liked to visit youth centers in the community.”

According to NITVin his spare time, Cassius mowed lawns, and instead of charging neighbors for services, used extracurricular activities as a means of providing “community service, building trust, and changing perceptions.”

“He just wanted to let people know that the youth in our community are not bad,” Mechelle told the paper.

Sadly, Cassius died just a month after his father passed away after a battle with cancer.

Cassius-Turvey-Explanation of murder

Source: Courtesy of the Turvey family.

How did Cassius Turvey die?

On October 13, Cassius and a group of friends, including his 14-year-old best friend and his two 13-year-old cousins, were reportedly walking to local shops in Middle Swan after school.

It is alleged that around 4:30 p.m., a black Ford Ranger full of men pulled up and threatened the boys. The group then split up and some fled to the local Tafe campus. However, Cassius was caught and beaten with a metal pole.

Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Cleal said there was no clear indication that Jack Stephen James Brearley, the man now charged with the murder, knew Cassius or the other alleged members of the group.

Sergeant Cleel also said police believe a metal pole was involved in Cassius’ death.

“We believe that a metal pole was used in the attack. At this stage, we did not capture the metal pole. The investigation and searches are still ongoing,” he said at the press conference.

Brearley will appear in court on November 9 on murder charges, but he is not the only suspect being investigated in the crime.

“Another assault that happened very similar to that time, involving another young man who was with this group, is under investigation,” Cleel said.

“These investigations are currently ongoing into any further charges that may arise from this.

“The two people we believe were attacked in this group that includes Cassius just happened to be the two people they managed to catch up with.

“So there’s no indication that they knew them personally or singled them out.”

After the incident, Cassius was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

He had a serious brain injury and two hemorrhages.

Cassius spent five days in the hospital before being discharged, but a few hours later he had a seizure and several strokes and was returned to the hospital.

Cassius died on Sunday, October 23.

The alleged perpetrator of this horrific crime, Brearley, was initially charged with unlawful wounding before the charges were upgraded.

Washington police say they do not know the motive for the attack.

“At this point, we haven’t established a motive as to why this happened,” Cleel said.

“He clearly saw a group of children walking nearby and approached that group.”

Talking to AustralianCassius’ mom Meshel Turvey said: “How are we supposed to raise our youth to be leaders and take on the next generation when we’re just beating them into the ground, traumatizing them, making them feel like they’re nothing? “

She continued: “It’s just not right; you are not just insulting our children … I don’t care if they are black, white or whatever. Even children who have a different faith are subjected to verbal and physical attacks.”

Donna Nelson, a Ballardong Njaki-Njaki woman, also echoes McGlade and Turvey’s sentiments.

“Take away race or color, if you’re not outraged that a child lost their life to thugs, then you seriously need to take a good look at yourself,” she said in an interview.

Cassius-Turvey-Explanation of murder

Source: Courtesy of the Turvey family.

How can I help Cassius Turvey’s family?

A vigil for Cassius Turvey is planned for 5.30pm on October 31 at Midland Oval in Perth.

Rallies are planned for November 2 across the country, including in Sydney and Newcastle, to honor his life and call for justice.

Cassuis’ family members also started a GoFundMe seeking “funds for his funeral, legal costs for criminal compensation and justice.”

In just two days, the family raised $262,307 from more than 6,400 donations.

Turvey’s alleged killer will appear in court on November 9. Police are asking for help from local residents to report any information about the incident to Crime Stoppers.


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