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Who is the most feared fighter?

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It’s that time of year when people love all things scary, all things spooky. So, in a story that’s a little different but still related to boxing, here are some of the greatest fearsome fighters of all time. You know, the boxers who can not only intimidate their opponents but also their fans, fellow fighters who cannot share the ring with them, and even the experts.

Over the years, there have been some fighting men who were literally unarmed; their violent behavior that comes out in other places besides the boxing arena. These guys were just as intimidating in the ring as they were out of it. This story is far from a celebration of these destructive fighters, yet there is an attraction to a wild ring, a mad ring.

And it is Halloween, after all.

Which of these fighters is best at turning a man’s legs into jelly?

Edwin Valero is a man on the moon.

Valero fought every battle he fought while he was angry and violent. The gas company from Venezuela fought against the hatred in his heart, and he showed no remorse either during the fight or after the fight, or what he did to his opponent. Posting an incredible number of first-round knockouts — 18 in a row — Valero never went the distance once in the fight.

Surprisingly, valero is angry and reveals himself from the ring in a bad way. Valero stabbed his wife and killed him, later he committed suicide in his prison cell. Valero was truly a mixed bag, with some referring to him as a demon.

Mike Tyson.

An obvious choice for such a list but also one that has to come out. Tyson, who once said about his opponent (Jesse Ferguson) how he tried to “catch him on the nose because I tried to hit him in the brain,” also fought like a man. Opponents were beaten before the bell and Tyson, dancing and smelling blood before someone was dumped, devoured his prey.

Tyson certainly went too far at times; in the terrible “Fight Fight” with Evander Holyfield, in that pressure before the fight with Lennox Lewis when Tyson again used his sharp teeth for rudeness, and when he tried his best to break Frans Botha’s arm. Tyson ranks as one of the top two of the three most intimidating heavyweights.

Roberto Duran.

Duran’s prime reminds Sugar Ray Leonard of the famous serial killer Charles Manson, and Duran’s cold, black eyes are capable of sending chills down many a spine. Duran, a merciless fighter, sometimes goes on a rampage, looking for violence, after the fight. Duran once slapped the wife of one of his opponents, while Duran also punched Sugar Ray’s brother Roger after the June 1980 fight in Montreal.

Today, Duran is a true gentleman who is also a living legend. Duran’s fire and fury made him a legend. And those cold as coal eyes.

Carlos Monzon.

Monzon made the same emotionless expression every time he fought; This is a statement to give Michael Myers a run for his money in terms of horror. And Monzon is a beast of a fighter, one of the most naturally powerful and relentless in middleweight history. Monzon looked at times as if he wanted to hurt an opponent badly, while it is said that no opponent has ever really hurt Monzon.

Unfortunately, like Valero, Monzon’s inner rage was outside the ring. Monzon killed his wife by strangling her and throwing her from the balcony. Monzon met his death, some say by suicide, when his car crashed on the way back to prison after he was released.

George Foreman.

Forget the Foreman mark II. The image of Foreman in the 1970s was that of a creepy, intimidating, black man. Foreman, who grew up in the ‘Bloody Fifth’ of Houston, designed himself on a fearsome fighter (more on him later) and this real Texan monster wants nothing more than to scare the enemy and then he smashed it hard on the cloth.

Foreman, who was nicknamed “The Mummy” by the victorious Muhammad Ali, finally proved that he could take it and cook it. For a while, Foreman looked like he was truly unbeatable.

Sonny Liston.

The main bad guy of the ring, Liston, who has spent years in prison, is simply terrifying. With his incredible punches, powerful punches and stone face, Liston, like Tyson and Foreman before him, has beaten opponents before the bell even rings. Those who knew Sonny said he was a genuinely kind, understated man who could trust almost anyone. However, the average fighter was unwilling to accept Liston as their champion, and could not see him as anything other than a scoundrel. There are tales of Liston breaking a policeman’s knee and of him beating another policeman. As there are legends of Liston being “all mobsters.”

And here’s what a real journalist wrote about Liston in an article written in an American newspaper before Liston destroyed Floyd Patterson to take the world title: “You shouldn’t fight a man like that; he should be hunted.”

It’s no wonder Liston quickly realized he had no choice but to live up to his badass image. And then there was Liston’s death; this is definitely not covered except for a secret, the kind that is more powerful than a person at night. Was Liston killed by forces of darkness, or did he fall into a self-medicated affair? Liston took many secrets with him to the grave.

Happy Halloween.


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