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Tommy Fury has confirmed that he is still banned from the US after revealing the reasons why his much-anticipated fight with Jake Paul this summer was called off. Fury said his brother Tyson, the WBC world heavyweight champion, had also been banned from entering the country amid months of uncertainty and speculation.

Reports suggest that the Fury family’s ban from the US is linked to Tyson’s ties to Irish crime boss Daniel Kinahan. And speaking to an MMA Fighting show, Tommy said that he and Tyson ‘can’t get into America in a minute and that’s the way it is’.

Boxing promoter Kinahan was sanctioned by the United States Treasury, and the investigation into the boxing leader was said to be important in stopping Fury. The ban means ex-Love Island star Tommy has been unable to fight YouTuber-turned-judge Paul in the state this summer in a new row after he was banned from entering the country.

“I don’t know,” Fury replied when asked directly about his ban. “What I am paying my lawyers and my legal teams every day, they are solving it. I asked God to solve this matter as soon as possible and this is where I left it at the moment.

“I hope it gets resolved ASAP because I want to come to America not just for boxing and of course for the big one to get this fight on the line.”

Both Tommy and Tyson are now both restricted to fighting in the UK and the Middle East. Tyson is set to defend his title in London in December against Derek Chisora. And Tommy has now asked Paul to fight in front of a huge crowd in the UK while he is still banned from the US. “I think Jake Paul and I can do 70,000, 100%,” he said.

Paul remains undefeated in boxing after defeating UFC heavyweight Anderson Silva in Arizona on Saturday. However, Fury was not impressed after Paul’s recent victory against a fighter without enough experience in boxing.


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“Honestly, I don’t know what to think about it,” he said. “I don’t want to come off like I hate Jake Paul and he can’t fight, but please look at what a 48-year-old man (47) has done to him.

“At the end of that fight, he looked like he was fighting the WBC lightweight champion. He looked. He went into the trenches in this fight, stood up and this is a 48-year-old man. Anderson Silva is not far from my father’s age.

He continued: “When Jake Paul went in with a guy who was training in boxing, especially after seeing him on Saturday, I didn’t see Jake Paul beating any boxer. Even an unfit boxer will beat Jake Paul just because they know the sport.

“No disrespect to Anderson Silva because he’s got big cojones going in there with a 50-year-old guy. All respect to both guys because they went in there and had a good fight. That’s it.”


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