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Paulie Malignaggi Says Devin Haney Won’t Fight Vasyl Lomachenko

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By Sam Volz: Paulie Malignaggi still believes Devin Haney can’t fight Vasyl Lomachenko despite his alleged matchup with Jermaine Ortiz last Saturday night in New York.

After the fight, a big Haney entered the ring to build hype for the fight against Lomachenko. Malignaggi feels the same way with Haney’s greatness, which seems real Three divisions bigger than Lomachenkoit will not be heavy, and there will be no fighting.

If Haney comes in too heavy, maybe ten pounds over the 135-lb limit, the fight will likely be canceled because that would make him a light heavyweight.

Another possibility is that Haney will come in at the 135-lb limit with four or five lbs, and the belt will be taken away from him but it is there for Loma to win. However, it will be difficult for Lomachenlo to win, especially if Haney once again floats in the mid-150s, looking like a junior middleweight.

Ortiz (16-1-1, 8 KOs) gave former world champion Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) one of the best fights of his career in a fight that Loma took out in the championship round in Madison Square. Gardens. Lomachenko won by scores of 116-112, 117-111, and 115-113.

Some boxing fans believe that the fight should have been a draw if not for Ortiz, but it seems that most of her fans on social media have Lomachenko’s victory in the second round. .

Paulie Malignaggi on Pauly TV about Vasily Lomachenko fighting in the division where he is bigger said: “He has no value and weight, but this is a man to get competition, he is fighting in a weight class that is not it’s good.” confrontation.

“What’s Devin Haney going to do? Is he going to take the fight? I still think he’s not going to take the fight. He got in the ring last night. You’re the lightweight champion right now, and you have a chance to get in the ring.

“He didn’t mean anything when Haney said he went to Australia [for George Kambosos Jr fight] and agreed to all the terms. That means nothing to Lomachenko. Lomachenko agreed to all the terms and then withdrew from the fight because Lomachenko went to the fight.

“When you have a great champion in George Kambosos. It’s clear that he can’t make adjustments in the replay. [with Haney], and it wasn’t. He had a good night with Teofimo Lopez.

“Lomachenko said last night that he is willing to pay Devin Haney all the money he needs to win the title. Is that just bluster because I believe Lomachenko will take the fight under terms that are very beneficial to Haney up until now?” money?

“Haney, in many ways, deserves it because he’s been through the same things as Kambosos, as he mentioned. But you can’t make that a solution for Lomachenko because Lomachenko agreed to do that against Kambosos, but he withdrew from the fight.

“But you have to put it in perspective because this is a fighter [Lomachenko] he won world titles in three different weight classes. You should also understand who you are talking to as well.

“Haney is the undisputed champion, and Lomachenko is the main contender for that title. He’s also a guy who wants to fight and wants to fight.

“Are we going to get Haney vs. Lomachenko? I said from the beginning I didn’t think we would. I’m still leaning that I don’t think we will.

“According to the fact that Bill [Haney] he agreed and told me that he will take the fight but he will not win, either I thought that they had no intention of taking the fight.

“I think it’s good if you fight. Even Lomachenko mentioned Devin is a heavy weight. I agree it seems it’s not easy to make weight for Devin. Bill also mentioned that.

“Can [Haney] he was heavy for a long time. He has a huge advantage over Lomachenko if he can make weight. In fact, we can see that Lomachenko is not big, and it bothers him at some lower weights.

“What will happen if that doesn’t happen? What if Haney moves? Are Shakur and Loma accepting vacant positions and fighting each other? What happened in this battle in the end?

“I think this fight is the angle they’re going to go into if Devin moves up in weight. I think Loma and Shakur will look to pick up the remaining titles. But I know how important the untitled title is to Lomachenko.

“I think he’s going to do his best to make this fight. I think the Haneys are going to do their best to make this fight or if they intend to make this fight, and, if you can’t make weight, you can’t not to fight.

“But if you can’t make weight, why did you get in the ring last night [with Lomachenko]? This is my thinking.

“After the fight, Haney got in the ring. I don’t think Haney can make the lightweight division. Devin can’t make heavyweight, but you keep pushing this thing that Lomachenko will be afraid of you. Lomachenko is not afraid of you.

“If you keep following this and keep bringing this up, you’re going to have to fight. I don’t know where we’re going because of the information I got from Bill. [Haney] it was his son who could not bear weight.

“All I got was, ‘Oh, you know, he’s fine.’ So why are we having this discussion, people? Why are we doing this? Either you fight, or you don’t.

“You could say that Lomachenko looked a little suspicious last night, but a lot of that was because of Jermaine Ortiz, not because of Lomachenko. If Lomachenko is going to have a problem at weight, it’s because he’s bigger.

“Lomachenko is very good; he couldn’t even fight in his own weight class. He has to fight at a weight where he’s obviously a little underweight, and Haney is a big weight. He will have an advantage if he fights and if he makes the conversation happen and takes the fight.

“He’s going to be bigger than Ortiz. I don’t know if Haney can use his physicality that way. He’s not really a physical fighter. He’s more of a physical fighter.

“Based on what happened last night, a lot of people will be looking at Haney to win this fight based on how Lomachenko was last night.

“But again, I give Jermaine Ortiz more credit. Devin Haney is a great fighter as well, but Jermaine Ortiz is doing some special things in this fight. There are some moves that Jermain Ortiz makes. When he gets close, he starts throwing the mixture with his hands.

“From the outside, he has already given you trouble with his hands. From there, he moves his hands and throws these combinations and puts you back to protect a little, and takes the weight of some rounds in this way.

“If his strength rises, it will be better for him, but obviously, he lost late. Again, good work from Jermaine Ortiz. Awesome work from Vasily Lomachenko. Is he falling?

“Is the weight division more of a problem for Lomachenko as it has been shown in the past? He’s getting these wins, but he’s not as dominant in these lightweight fights, and maybe he’s getting a little bigger.

“At featherweight and big featherweight, he was so dominant to the point where he was not fun to watch. He just looked at him and he was beating everybody, and he was beating some good fighters.

Malignaggi about Lomachenko said “In the heavyweight division, the fight is a little more competitive, I notice.”

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