Mikael Lawal has a new opponent in the British Heavyweight Championship as Deion Jumah is injured | Boxing news | Biden News

Mikael Lawal has a new opponent in the British Heavyweight Championship as Deion Jumah is injured |  Boxing news

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Mikael Lawal will fight David Jamieson for the British cruiserweight title. live on Sky Sports on Sunday 27 November.

Lawal was initially competing against his London rival Deion Jumah in a vacant tournament. But Jumah was badly injured by sparring. He removed the eyeball from his eye, the second time he had such an accident. Not only did he withdraw from the competition but he had to quit his job and retire.

“It’s a sad story at the end of this day, even though there is bad blood between me and him, I would never wish that on anyone,” said Jumah. Sky Sports.

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Lawal extended his unbeaten streak at cruiserweight after defeating Leonardo Damian Bruzzese at Wembley Arena.

“When I found out how serious it was, I felt sorry for him. I felt sorry for him. It’s one of those things that happens in life, that happens in boxing.”

For Lawal, the brutality is a reminder of what can happen in this trade.

“You never know, any battle could be the last, even the fiercest and could end your career,” he said.

“I take it seriously. We take real risks when we step into the ring. I take it as seriously as I can.”

He got the biggest chance of his life now with Scotland’s Jamieson. He continued that “I take the situation very seriously.”

For him the British title will be important. “I need to win this, I need to take my career to the next level, the next level. I’ve been fighting for a long time and it’s not easy,” he said.

“So I’m finally getting this opportunity to fight for the British title. I’m going to win it and hopefully I can finally progress in my career.”

Adam Azim (left) and Zak Chelli (right) will be on the same bill as Lawal on November 27.

Lawal had previously boxed and beaten Jamieson. But that’s only three rounds into the Ultimate BOXXER tournament in 2019. A new opponent coming in short, for the 12 round championship battle presents a new challenge.

“I have to change my game, I’m fighting an orthodox fighter, I’m planning to go south,” said Lawal.

“It’s all good, all I have to do is fix it,” he added. “He’s a tough guy, he’s smart but he’s tough.

“I know he will come and try to remove my head. It’s boxing for you, you have to take these risks. I respect him, I admire him for fighting this fight, he showed that he was in training. , work, grafting. He showed that he is a great fighter, I have to respect him.

“I know I’m in a fight, I know I have to take him out, knock him out, and win.”


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