Jake Paul to attend the WBA event as Rumors regained his world title | Biden News

Jake Paul to attend the WBA event as Rumors regained his world title

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WBA executives have released information regarding the participation of YouTuber Jake Paul in the upcoming main event in Florida.

In their statement about the boxer, the mysterious statement brought back rumors that the WBA might be ready to evaluate the former Disney star.

Jake Paul is not a boxer

According to the WBA, Paul is a ‘world famous boxer’ even though he has never fought a single boxer in the ring.

The lack of understanding of what the events in which Paul was present represented by sanctioning bodies is astounding. Now the WBA has joined the WBC in asking the boxing public to honor Paul.

It’s a difficult thing to do when someone who calls himself a boxer has never actually fought a boxer.

However, the WBA hopes to welcome the wannabe fighter next month.

WBA event

The World Boxing Association (WBA) today announced this a famous boxer and renowned content creator Jake Paul will join this year’s WBA Centennial event as a special guest.

The event will be held from December 11 to 14 at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Paul, at just 25 years old, has built a lucrative media empire. He has amassed 70+ million followers across all digital platforms.

Jake Paul is very famous in the world of boxing [not serious to most boxing fans] with a undefeated record against the games [MMA sport] big names.

He will participate in various activities at the conference, including speaking to participants about the state of boxing.

Paul will add his personal style and passion for sports.

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza said: “We are happy to have Jake at our 100th anniversary event.”

“Jake’s expertise and contributions to the sport have changed him in meaningful ways.

“We look forward to our attendees hearing and learning from him firsthand.”


Recently, Paul founded his own Most Valuable Promotion (MVP) advertising company. He started the company with Nakisa Bidarian with the idea that content is king and fighters are the creators of content in fighting sports.

Their mission is to promote female boxers and discover young, enthusiastic, and diverse opportunities in the sport of boxing.

One such example is Amanda Serrano, who signed with MVP in 2021. Serrano is the most decorated player in women’s boxing history, with a professional record of 43-2-1 with 30 knockouts.

Guinness World Records recognized her as the best female boxer in the world in different weight classes.

New MVP hopeful, Ashton “H20” Sylve, recently made waves as a partner on Paul vs. Silva.

He is now 8-0 with eight strikeouts after Braulio Rodriguez’s first homer.

Registration for this historic conference is now open.

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