Jake Paul ‘never wanted a fair fight,’ says Hasim Rahman Jr who will now attack his brother Logan Paul instead | Boxing news | Biden News


Hasim Rahman Jr is meant to be the one fighting Jake Paul.

He would have been the first opponent that Paul had to fight. Instead, there is a dispute over the responsibility to compete in the event of the suspension of the meeting.

Paul went on to fight Anderson Silva, 47, a former MMA fighter, this weekend in an eight-round bout that Paul won.

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Jake Paul sent a message to UFC president Dana White after defeating MMA legend Anderson Silva

“He wanted me to go down to 200lbs, the board forced him to give me five more pounds and it wouldn’t be safe in the eyes of my camp or my eyes to go as low as they want me to go,” said Rahman Jr. Sky Sports.

“They won’t give up. They never really want to fight, or at least fight honestly.

“I don’t think he really wants to be in the ring with me, not in the right fight. Of course I’ve moved on, I’m not holding back on that.”

Rahman doesn’t think a rematch with Paul will be rescheduled, at least not until he fights his brother Logan Paul first.

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Anderson Silva admits that Jake Paul deserved to win, saying he ‘failed’ in his strategy

“I don’t think it will grow [courage] one night. His brother is talking, maybe you will see me with Logan before you see me with Jake,” said Rahman.

He believes Paul is getting more attention in the industry than his athletic ability deserves.

“Jake, what he did, he didn’t think about his boxing skills. He thought about his media personality,” Rahman said.

“It has nothing to do with his talent. He didn’t make it this far because he was at Shakur Stevenson’s skill level or Devin Haney’s skill level, he made it this far because there were a lot of people who wanted to see him. He fought, that’s it. here.

“He is not at this level, I hardly see him reach this level.

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Jake Paul says he feels like he’s “living in a movie” after his win over “inspirational” Anderson Silva

He added: “He uses boxing, exploitation and abuse.” “He’s not really changing the sport as far as bringing a new light to impact boxing.”

Rahman Jr, who himself will appear at an event to box former MMA fighter Vitor Belfort, however, defended Youtubers and other creators of these unusual boxing games. He believes in promoting sports to a wider audience.

“All over the world we have crazy things going on, especially here in this country, we have too much gun violence, too much gang violence and out of 10 kids watching that fight if one of them goes to jail . boxing, which only changes the life of a boxer or he can become a statistic,” he said.

“That’s what I like the most about it because I’m not only reaching a crowd that’s more of a modern generation but it’s also young people who are being brought into good science.”


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