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Floyd Mayweather Cameo video drops to  after starting at 9

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather will sell you a commercial video message for $10,000 if you have the cash.

The five-weight world champion has been a regular on Cameo, claiming one of the highest amounts of money on the platform for a video clip.

According to Cameo, Mayweather has a rating of about five out of five in his reviews. However, it averages a video size of only 17 seconds.

Floyd Mayweather on Cameo

For those, Floyd asked $60 for this opportunity. You should expect more money if you pay $10,000 for a commercial video.

Mayweather started a new venture in 2020 to drive in more money. The former pound-for-pound king also continued to promise to retire from boxing and boxing, as he called them.

The 45-year-old has teased a comeback for five years. But considering his next step, “Money” is very satisfied to find new sources of income and fight on RIZIN or Dubai cards.

Mayweather joins a growing list of celebrities to sign up for Cameo, a video messaging service for fans. Since its inception, it is not known that even small celebrities will earn a million dollars within a few years of posting.

At this time, it is not clear how many videos Floyd has made, as he has only received 18 views.

But those who want to receive a private video from Mayweather, or anyone else, can shell out some money for the privilege.

Starting at $999 per post

He launched his cameo at $999 per message in true Mayweather fashion. The fact that $939 was ignored means his business could not grow.

When he started this company, Mayweather said: “I want to be the first superstar to make a million dollars on Cameo.”

He added: “I’m looking to sponsor an art show! I met Cameo for the ride without success.

“To bring you both a screaming fan and a screaming commercial. We’ll give you what you need to take things to the next level.

“Random entries this week will receive a signed boxing glove!”

For what Mayweather called “shoutouts,” it seemed like “easy money all day” for the Las Vegas-based boxer.


Concluding by asking his fans to give some orders, Mayweather said: “You know who this is? Money Mayweather. You can allow me to schedule messages.

“I’m the most expensive celebrity on Cameo. One thing remains to be done. You know what to do.”

During his career, Mayweather earned nearly a billion dollars. Half of which he did in one night.

But given the fallout, Cameo’s revenue won’t have an impact on the fair’s search for a while.

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