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Devin Haney should be favored vs.  Vasily Lomachenko

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By Vince Writer: When reports surfaced in July about a heavyweight returning to the squared circle, the boxing community began speculating about a clash between former three-time world champion Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs ) and the current undisputed undefeated hur. champion Devin “The Dream” Haney.

Before the light heavyweight champion thinks about Vasily Lomachenko, he has to focus on some unfinished business.

Devin Haney defeated George Kambosos Jr in June 2022 to win the lightweight title, and moved to Melbourne, Australia four months after offering Kambosos his rematch contract.

During the second bout, Haney showcased his boxing skills and outclassed Kambosos to a unanimous decision victory. Two weeks after the undisputed lightweight champion successfully held his job, Vasily Lomachenko was faced with the task of getting past an opponent who was classified as a tune-up fight.

While most boxers expected Jamaine Ortiz to play the role of the underdog, Ortiz entered the ring determined to prove that he was a lightweight competitor.

He got off to a fast start, as he used his athleticism to show speed in the first round, but the 34-year-old Lomachenko was able to bounce back and win a unanimous decision.

Since both Haney and Lomachenko were able to come out of their previous bouts unscathed, it looks like 2023 will be the time for them to meet in the squared circle. Some of the boxers believe that the fight between Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko is a “50-50” fight, but this assessment may be wrong.

Devin Haney holds the upper hand in terms of size, head, and youth, so it can be argued that those factors are valid reasons why the undisputed champion should be the favorite. . However, despite the fact that Haney has these advantages, the real reason why this matchup is a “60-40” fight in favor of Haney is because of Lomachenko’s bad habit.

Vasily Lomachenko is one of the best boxers in the fight game, but in recent fights he has continued to show a slow pace. Lomachenko usually gives up the first round to take down points, but using that specific technique against Haney could set Lomachenko up for the third loss of his career.

In his fight against Jamaine Ortiz on October 29, Ortiz won most of the early rounds, but Lomachenko made a comeback in the second half of the fight. By the time the fight reached the 10th round, Ortiz was out of gas, while Lomachenko was able to win the championship and win a unanimous decision.

If Lomachenko is going to fall behind early against Haney, there is a good chance that Lomachenko will rally, but the event will fall because Haney has the stamina, boxing skills, and experience needed to win the next few rounds. , continue to seal victory.

Devin Haney’s size and reach will be a problem early on for Vasily Lomachenko. The key to the outcome of this potential fight lies in the question of how many rounds Lomachenko will have to lose before he properly gathers information and figures out how much and how far he needs to go to win.

A future title fight between 24-year-old Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko is very interesting, but due to simple mathematical considerations, it is not a “50/50” fight. Haney should be favored to win because he will start the fight by isolating Lomachenko’s offense with jabs, distance control, and boxing from the outside. This strategy will cause Devin Haney to bank the most rounds in the first half of the fight.

Lomachenko will take down the records, make the necessary adjustments and bounce back, but with Haney’s skill, stamina, and boxing IQ, he will be able to limit the bout and close the show during the final quarter of the fight. . If Haney can execute and make the necessary adjustments in the final quarter, he should be able to successfully defend his crown and win a unanimous decision.

Some people might think making Haney a comical celebrity, but if you base the theory on history and numbers, then it makes perfect sense. When calculating fight odds based on percentage, you have to consider all the variables, and Lomachenko’s slow start should be part of the equation.

For example, Lomachenko is very likely to start slowly as usual and drop at least the first three rounds trying to get the information. With a skilled boxer like Haney, wouldn’t it be safe to say that if Haney starts the fight with 3 points, he has a 60% chance of winning the fight?


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