Crawford Vs. Spence: Is Terence expected to fight for free? | Biden News

Crawford Vs.  Spence: Is Terence expected to fight for free?

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By Daniel Echevarria: First, let me say that I am not a fan of either fighter, but I do enjoy their fights, and they are both talented. I am more interested in heavyweights like Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, and others.

I’ve been watching boxing for many years, and I’ve seen a lot of changes or how the game has evolved over time as some might say instead. Boxing has become big business for sports venues and television stations, not to mention changing fighters’ lives sometimes overnight.

The era of Floyd Mayweather Jr. he introduced us all to million dollar fighters who were able to live a comfortable life because of the pay-per-view money and ticket sales from fights instead of dunking basketballs or running with pigs. skin to the endzone.

Today’s fighters have found a way to perfect their fighting career and turn it into a very profitable financial vehicle that provides a lifestyle that many people would never dream of.

For many of us fans, whether hardcore or casual, we just see boxing as just another form of entertainment when we turn on our television and it’s nothing.

I will admit that I am guilty of this, and I have never looked at boxing from the point of view of real fighters who, along with police officers, also wake up and do a job that is dangerous to their lives, but it is not different. boxers only do it for our entertainment.

First, Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence not happening isn’t a big deal to me because like I said before, I’m more focused on the heavyweights. I’m more worried about what will happen with Oleksandr Usyk and Fury because this is a big issue for Wilder.

My thoughts on Crawford vs. Spence changed when I kept hearing and seeing video after video about how Crawford ignored Errol Spence and pulled out of the fight, so whatever Crawford did.

As I said before, I watch boxing, and I notice signs that when it comes to Spence in particular, if the fight doesn’t happen, the opponent is called DUCK who is somehow scared, which it never happened. It makes sense to me because these people have been fighting for years, so how are they afraid now.

So when I decided to finally pay attention to this fight, the first thing that jumped out at me that was related was the fact that although Crawford has many achievements over the years, such as successfully getting all the belts in the lower weight and being what. it’s called NO JUDGMENT, he was given the Spence fight for NO CHARGE.

Guaranteed wallet is a tradition and important because no one has any idea how pay-per-view and ticket sales are going to go, and today we live in a time when most people are streaming. fight on the internet, so pay-per-view. sales will come in less than usual.

In my opinion, Crawford is the best fighter to back out of this fight because I don’t know anyone who is willing to work for free. I would think that if this is supposed to be Crawford’s biggest fight to date because of Spence’s size, then he can probably train hard every day for about two months and put in the time to improve and both for FREE. it means FREE to be honest.

Finally, if you look at Spence’s last opponent, Yordenis Ugaas, he was guaranteed $1 million, and nobody can tell me that Ugaas is worth more than Crawford because Ugaas never defended that title, and he was Champion for about eight months. . No fighter should fight for FREE because it’s a job.


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