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Caroline Dubois intends to fight for the world title before the end of next year.

The Londoner is only 21 years old and has competed in her career.

But the Tokyo Olympian stopped three of those opponents in the distance and starred on Claressa Shields’ history card with Savannah Marshall earlier this month. Dubois showed her desire to find a brutal finish when she stopped Milena Koleva in five rounds.

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Caroline Dubois has sent a message to the rest of the women’s weight group, saying she’s “better than any other girl out there”.

“She has fought the likes of Katie Taylor, Maiva Hamadouche, Delfine Persoon and others. She has fought many world champions and is challenging for the world title and I felt it would be a good benchmark for me to compare myself to. “I want to beat her. It’s different than how she’s been beaten before,” said Dubois Sky Sports.

“I like people like Naoya Inoue, people who go out there and put on a show and try to get KO, they always try to put on a big show. I look up to those people so I want to be like them.

“It’s an entertainment business, we’re not just fighting, because we love boxing now, we’re getting paid, and we’re asking people to spend the money they’ve saved to watch us, we have a responsibility to people who will let them play. you spend money on us, so we have to play and impress you.

Finding those finishes in the two-minute round, which professional fighters have boxed in the women’s sports box, is a great challenge.

“It’s very difficult. It’s just a matter of time,” Dubois said. “I’m so happy with the show, I’ve rewatched it like 50 times.”

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Caroline Dubois attacks the future with Mikaela Mayer after her victory over Milena Koleva

Boxing in an event that reaches over two million viewers is a very important thing. “I was hit, two million, that’s crazy,” she said. “It’s not even about women’s boxing, it’s boxing, we’re doing a great boxing campaign, we’re bringing different audiences and we’re doing fights.

“In men’s boxing, there is a lot of politics, there are fights, belts, opportunities where people can avoid each other, whereas in women’s boxing, we don’t have that depth, we have to fight each other to create a fight. excellence. That’s what I enjoy, I miss the fans because it’s the best fight and I want to bring the rich.

Fighters like Claressa Shields paved the way for Dubois to follow. “Like them, Amanda Serrano, Katie Taylor, these girls lighted the way for us. They showed us how to move forward in the field of boxing, what kind of contribution we have to make, and what kind of fights we should do.” She explained.

“It’s always so much easier when you have someone to look up to. It’s hard to be the first. It’s easy to follow in someone else’s footsteps.”

Dubois wanted to continue this rapid development. “I want to keep going, every fight I want to get better. From this, I want to get better,” she said.

“Obviously with the opposition, that will go up as well but I feel like the better fighters I fight, the better work I do.

“Next year I want to be more active and I want to start fighting for positions with opponents where it’s like 50-50. I want to fight that scares me, it makes me think I’ll test myself. This is it.” whatever happened. about me.

“I want to be world champion by the end of next year.”


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