Boxing Results: Kenshiro “Wonder Boy” Teraji Stops Hiroto Kyuguchi! | Biden News

Boxing Results: Kenshiro “Wonder Boy” Teraji Stops Hiroto Kyuguchi!

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By Ken Hisner: In Tuesday’s fight on ESPN+, two-time WBC heavyweight champion Kenshiro “The Amazing Boy” Teraji stopped WBA Super World Light Flyweight champion Hiroto Kyoguchi in the seventh round in a co-main event promoted by Akihiko Honda. at Super Arena, Saitama, Japan. In the co-main event, WBO World Heavyweight Champion Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez defeated Japanese, Japanese, OPBF and WBO Asia Pacific Heavyweight Champion Shokichi Iwata over 12 rounds.

At the WBC Main Event two-time World Light Flyweight Champion Kenshiro “Wonder Boy” Teraji, 20-1 (12), #107 ¼, of Kyoto, JAP, stopped WBA World Light Flyweight Champ Hiroto Kyuguchi, 16-1 ( 11) ), #107 ½, of Osaka, JAP, at 2:36 of the seventh round to join the two names of the 12 scheduled rounds.

In the first round of the second round Teraji dominated the first with a jab and a second right shot to the jaw of Kyuguchi’s dog. In the third round a fight was fought in the middle of the ring with Teraji once again controlling the fight as Kyuguchi used an upper left to the body.

In the fourth round, Teraji got a kick from the head of the goalkeeper. Kyuguchi stayed to the body for the most part. In the fifth round, a right from Teraji at twenty seconds into the round dropped Kyuguchi with 8 points from referee Michiaki Someya. He dominates until the last thirty seconds when Kyuguchi rocks Teraji and dominates the fight until the bell and has Teraji in trouble.

In the sixth round Teraji dominated the round with a jab. In the seventh round Teraji kept up the offense until the last minute when Kyuguchi went down exactly twenty seconds into it. With half a minute left Teraji landed a right to the chin and Kyo went into the ropes and down as referee Michiaki Someya lifted him up.

In the Co-Main Event WBO World Light Fly Champ southpaw Jonathan “Bomba” Gonzalez, 27-3-1 (14), #108, of Caguas, PR, successfully defended his title against Japan, OPBF and WBO Asia Pacific Light Fly Champ Shokichi Iwata, 9-1 (6), #107 ½, of Tokyo, JAP, over 12 rounds.

In the ninth round, Iwata reached the halfway mark. Just when Gonzalez was tired, he came back and finished strong. In the tenth round as long as Gonzalez was on the move he was fine. When he stood his ground Iwata got the best of him.

In the eleventh round, Gonzalez continued to attack Iwata. In the twelfth and last round, Iwata desperately needed a kick from the goalkeeper. He was cautioned twice for free kicks by goalkeeper Raul Caiz Jr. Gonzalez continued to press and face Iwata until the bell.

Scored 117-111, 116-112 twice by the same author.

In a non-title fight WBO World Flyweight Champ southpaw Junto Nakatani, 24-0 (18), #114 ½, of Sagamihara, Kanagawa, JAP, defeated southpaw Francisco ”Chihuas” Rodriguez, Jr., 36-6-1 (25) ), #115, of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MEX, over 10 rounds.

In the first four rounds the taller Nakatani dominated. In the seventh round, referee Tetsuya Lida pulled Rodriguez aside and told the judges that the fight was not over but he did not take any. Rodriguez continued to go from southpaw to orthodox throughout the fight. Both had their moments.

In the eighth round, Nakatani drew blood from Rodriguez’s nose and a cut under his left eye. Rodriguez had a moment in the middle of the road landing a left hook to Nakatani’s impressive chin. In the ninth round Rodriguez midway landed a hard left to Nakatani’s chin but he didn’t follow through with the rest of the match. In the tenth and final round midway through Rodriguez landed a left on Nakatani’s chin gaining his attention. In the last thirty seconds it was all Nakatani holding Rodriguez.

Scores were 98-91, 99-90 and 97-92 and 97-93 for this author.

WBO Asia Pacific Light Champ Shuichiro Yoshino, 16-0 (12), #135, of Tokyo, JAP, stopped Masayoshi Nakatani, 20-3 (14), #134 ¼, of Tokyo, JAP, at 1:14 of the sixth round of 12 scheduled rounds.

In the third round, their heads clashed under Nakatani’s left eye. Nakatani did well in the last minute. In the last twenty seconds of the fifth round a right from Yoshino to the beard drove Nakatani to the canvas for an 8 count from referee Toshio Sugiyama as the bell rang.

In the sixth round, Nakatani came out throwing balls until Yoshino dropped him and got an 8 count from referee Sugiyama. As he got up he was completely exhausted as referee Sugiyama wisely stopped him without arguing from Nakatani.

Ring announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr.


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