Bill Haney has not decided if Devin will fight Lomachenko | Biden News

Bill Haney has not decided if Devin will fight Lomachenko

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By Sam Volz: Coach Bill Haney is not sure if he will let his son, light heavyweight champion Devin Haney take the fight against Vasyl Lomachenko.

In an interview with Thaboxingvoice, Bill brought up how Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) looks in the final fight against George Kambosos Jr on October 15th.

Bill said that as the holidays get closer, Devin will want to eat, and that will add weight to him. In other words, it could be difficult for Haney to make weight for his next fight at 135, be it against Lomachenko or one of the other fighters.

From what Bill is saying, it looks like Haney will be able to drop his four belts and move up to 140, where it will be easier for him to make weight. It would suit Haney because he wouldn’t mind fighting Lomachenko and he would lose.

If Haney is out, Paulie Malignaggi’s prediction of him courting Lomachenko will come true. The boxing public will see him as a duck, regardless of what Devin says about moving to 140 because of his weight.

The thing is, Haney’s chances of winning at 140 are slim because he lacks power and gets hit hard. The light heavyweights are more drunk than the heavyweights Haney is fighting, and we’ve already seen him get hurt by Joseph ‘Jojo’ Diaz and Jorge Linares.

If these guys are hurting Haney, you can imagine what 140-pounders like Jose Zepeda, Regis Prograis, Jose Ramirez, and Teofimo Lopez are going to do to him. This is a small list.

There are plenty of other big fish in the 140-lb division that will feast on a no-hitter like Haney. It will literally be a feeding frenzy once Haney moves up in weight, and he and Bill will regret leaving the safety of the 135-pound weight class.

You said we won’t take the Lomachenko fight. You said I was afraid to take it,” said Bill Haney to ThaBoxingVoice about him wanting Paulie Malignaggi to bet a hundred thousand on whether Devin would fight Lomachenko.

“Devin has an undisputed title which is something that Lomachenko dreams of. Devin is not making a decision right now as to his next step. I am making a decision.

“I didn’t say yes or no. I’m still weighing the options. I’m still considering what Devin’s next move will be as a coach. I look at him and his weight. I look at what we’re going to face in the offseason and gauge what the next step will be,” Bill said of Haney’s next fight.

“You want me to bet a hundred thousand to take the Lomachenko fight? Lomachenko is going to beat your son a**,” said Paulie Malignaggi. “Do you understand me? Want to bet 100,000 on him fighting? Bet 100,000 that your son wins the battle.

“Forget about taking the fight. Bet a hundred thousand on your son winning the battle. You don’t have the balls to do that. You want me to bet that your son fought. I will give your son credit for taking the fight. I am ready to give your son a loan if he takes the fight.

“I have news that if he fights, I will give him a lot of respect. It should not be after my respect. He should do what is best for him.

“I will give credit to your son for fighting the war. Even if he takes an L, I’ll give him credit. I know he is in a position where he does not have to fight. You know everyone wants the best fight in the heavyweight division, which is Haney vs. Lomachenko.

“Are you taking the Lomachenko fight, or not taking the Lomachenko fight? You have many options. Honestly, it’s kind of an internal decision.

“Ultimately, when this fight is done, there is a bigger part of boxing that is interested in this fight because of what is being discussed in this whole thing. I don’t think he can beat Lomachenko.

“It’s a lot easier to move up in weight as an undefeated, unbeaten heavyweight champion who has vacated the title than it is to move up in weight as a former L-heavyweight champion,” Malignaggi said.

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