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Antonio Margarito questioned the gloved hands in two more fights

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The opponent’s idea that Antonio Margarito may cheat for the third time in his career has met with the anger of boxing fans.

Two-time rival Kermit Cintron popped the question after posting a photo of himself with puffy eyes after his first meeting with Margarito.

The former world champion from Puerto Rico said that no other boxer he has faced has ever made a face like Margarito.

“Here I am one day after the Antonio Margarito fight,” Cintron said. “After two days, both my eyes were closed.

“No other fighter in my 50-year career can do that. Why?

“This is the first fight. In the second battle, it was the same.

Antonio Margarito claimed

But when Cintron mentioned that his swelling was the same in 2005 and 2008 when Margarito stopped him twice, the boxing public began to wonder.

One said: “I never doubted that Margarito’s gloves were loaded for his head-to-head fights with anyone other than Cotto. Glad to see you are doing well after boxing. I was a big fan during your career.”

“I remember this fight. As soon as I heard about it [Naazim] Richardson caught him cheating with a veil, I immediately thought about it,” said the second.

A third said: “Margarito has never done much with his punches. I never understood why he hit so hard until he caught him with a loaded glove. It changed Cotto’s legacy and ruined Cintron’s career.

Many in the boxing community have shown disdain for Margarito at the moment in the arena.

“We’ll never know how many fights Margarito had to fight these things. We all have an opinion about what we think he fought against them, though. It would be nice to know it as the truth. Shame on you.” he could do that for a while” said one fan.

“It still bothers me that he got a million dollar reward after he was caught cheating,” said another.

The third said: “I have no proof, but I am sure that Margarito deceived you.” It is a shame that he was given another chance to fight after being arrested.”

Kermit Cintron stopped twice

Margarito was the first man to stop Cintron in his entire career. It took another three years for Canelo Alvarez to become number two, while Kermit was eleven years into his career.

The whole situation stems from the alleged fights between Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley.

Margarito served a suspension in 2009 due to something found in his glove prior to the Mosley fight.

Miguel Cotto then brought more concern about such a situation. It came to a head when Manny Pacquiao did a number on Margarito between those fights.

Many fans believe Pacquiao made the right decision as Margarito’s eye was further damaged beyond repair after years of problems.

The price has been paid

Some Margarito fans believe that his life since he left the game is further evidence of karma.

“He paid the price, Kermit. Life was too hard with the eye removed,” said one in response to Cintron.

“He wasn’t like that after the Pacquiao fight, and his divorce almost destroyed him. He has many physical and mental problems.”

With his reputation as a boxer in tatters despite being one of the greatest boxers in Mexican history, has Antonio Margarito suffered too much?

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