Andrew Tate gives a scathing response to Logan Paul’s latest MMA call | Boxing | Sport | Biden News


Andrew Tate told Logan Paul he flew to Romania and fought him on the streets after the YouTube star challenged him to an MMA fight on Saturday. Tate vows to ‘destroy’ Logan – who claims to be living in the shadow of his younger brother, Jake.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the TimboSugarShow, Logan sent a new offer to Tate after previously challenging him to a boxing match. He said: “I have a solution, why don’t we do something we haven’t done? An MMA fight between me and Tate in the UFC. Me vs Tate in the octagon. I’m giving him a choice.”

Tate has fought in MMA before and holds a 1-0 record as both amateur and pro. The controversial internet star defeated former UFC fighter Luke Barnatt in his first fight in March 2010 and is a professional kickboxer with four ISKA world titles.

When Logan first called him in August, Tate brushed off the challenge by offering him a $5 million Bugatti. However, there are no such niceties in the new answer.

“I have already contacted and confirmed this to mutual contacts. It’s time for Logan to pay the price. I will not allow him to make more money than me to destroy him, as a musician like him, with an average online income, will sacrifice his pride for money.

“I promised to fight him for free, and I meant it. He could fly to Romania and knock on my door any day of the week. When I say fight, I don’t mean a joke. If he recovers, he can continue to live in his brother’s shadow where he is.”


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