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Adrien Broner On What To Expect From Him: “Fireworks”

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By Adam Baskin: Adrien Broner is happy to have signed a new fight deal with BLK Prime, rumored to be worth $12 million for 12 months.

Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) said boxing fans can expect to see “fireworks” from him he moved on as he tried to reinvent himself and revive his 14-year career.

If Broner is serious about having “Fireworks” in his fights, he needs to cut down to 130 to return to the featherweight division. This is the best weight easily for him.

On Tuesday, Broner announced to his fans on Instagram that he had signed an eight-fight, 12-month contract with BLK Prime. He did not say who he would face or when he would fight.

If BLK Prime wants Broner to take on the best, he should work with trainer Malik Scott to help him cut weight so he can fight at featherweight again.

Scott recently helped cut Deontay Wilder’s weight from 238 to 214 for his fight with Robert Helenius, and he’s strong.

For 33-year-old Broner to be offered such a deal near the end of his career is unbelievable because even the top fighters in their prime don’t make that kind of money.

It is believed that management at BLK Prime chose Broner because he is a recognizable name, and is good at building interest in his fights.

However, he has only competed three times in the past five years, and it is doubtful whether he can still bring in the fans as he used to.

His popularity has been hurt by his losing streak against elite opponents and his seemingly unstoppable losses to Manny Pacquiao and Mikey Garcia.

“It’s been on the downswing, but now we’re back up,” a happy Adrien Broner told Blue Blood Sports TV when asked about his thoughts on boxing.

“Me and my boy Des [CEO of BLK Prime] They will take this s***t to another level. BLK, that’s what we got. Either he stays with us or he goes to bed. I really like men in boxing, but right now, for me, I have to focus on Adrien Broner,” Broner said when asked about his thoughts on Ryan Garcia’s possible fight against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis.

“I’ve been in this game for a long time, and a lot of these guys, I’ve seen them grow up. I saw them when they were just babies. At my peak, they were all just looking at me.

“Now, they are starting to become stars and they are starting to do well. I’m still the OG, and they come to me when they need to talk. I’ve always been here, but right now, I’m focused on my job and doing what’s best for Adrien.

“Fireworks, every day is going to be independence day,” Broner said when asked what to expect from him in his current career. “You’ll all see. I’ll see all next year. BLK Prime, yes, sir. I’m about billions Adrien Broner, let’s do it,” said Broner.

“I like Linares; that’s a good match,” Mikey Garcia told ESNEWS when asked who Adrien Broner should fight as part of his three-fight contract with BLK Prime.

“Then after this fight, maybe a fight [Sergey] Lipinets. Third, follow one of the big dogs out there [at 147] and Vergil [Ortiz Jr]. This is a good fight with Vergil.

“Isn’t this f**** stopped or something?” Mikey said when asked about his thoughts on the fight between Broner and Conor Benn. “Until he clears this s***t, he’s suspended,” Mikey said of Conor Benn’s successful drug test to stop PEDs.

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