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Locals have a unique opportunity to join in on Remembrance Day to re-open a public service at the Trail Cenotaph. Tea, music and artAnd learn about Canada’s military past through live music and treasures from the archives.

The free event runs Monday, Nov. 7 at 1 p.m. at the Trail Library Archive Manager Eleanor Morrissey will be joined by two special guests – Brendan McLeod and Adrian Glynn of Canadian folk band fugitive — in a discussion, Q and A, artwork display and a pop-up performance by musicians.

The artists are coming to town next week ahead of the Performing Arts Trail bringing their poignant performances to The Bailey on Tuesday, November 8. Reese: On the run.

Tuesday night’s show features music and storytelling about the young soldiers at Vimy Ridge based on the soldiers’ own songs and letters. The album from the show, “Trench Song,” was nominated for a Juno last year.

Registration is required Tea, music, and art.

Call the library at 250.364.1731 or register online: traillibrary.com.

Reese: On the run

Ridge has been described as “a vivid, dynamic, intimate and personal examination of our connection to the past that argues passionately against the exploitation of young life”.

Features musical interpretations of First World War soldiers’ songs and readings of soldiers’ letters performed by Brendan McLeod and his band The Fugitives.

Often called “the battle that made Canada”, Vimy Ridge resulted in over 10,000 Canadian casualties.

Through this visceral work, told through direct storytelling, literal theater and live music, McLeod examines the misconceptions and differing perspectives surrounding the war, while drawing parallels to other formative events in the nation’s past.

Through musical interpretation, Ridge explores difficult but necessary questions about how and why we grieve.

McLeod is a writer, theater artist and musician. He is the author of a novel, a poetry collection and five theater shows. He was Poet Honored at the 2012 Canadian Spoken Word Festival and Poet Honored at the 2015 Victoria Spoken Word Festival.

The Fugitives are a folk group led by songwriters McLeod and Adrian Glynn. They are joined by banjo player Chris Swain (Viper Central) and violinist Carly Frey (The Coal Porters). The band has been nominated for multiple Canadian Folk Music and Western Canadian Music Awards, including Best Songwriter, Best Roots Group and Best Vocal Group.

Bailey performances begin at 7:30 p.m. with reserved seating only.

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